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Posted 30th Aug 2018 13:10pm

The Tanglewood Crossroads Guitar

In a world of cheap internet deals and budget products, it’s always nice to find something that is “OK for the money”. Many people’s expectation of any low-cost item is normally that “it will do for now and we can always take it back if it’s not”. Well, the latest £99 offering from Tanglewood breaks that mould and puts it into the recycling bin where it belongs.

This is a guitar that retails at just £99 but sounds, feels and is made like a guitar at least twice the price. In all of our collective years of selling here, this guitar stands head & shoulders above the rest of the “it will do for now” budget ranges. This is from virtually everyone else and it provides the beginner with the perfect instrument to learn on that won’t break the bank but WILL do the job.

The problem with the vast majority of budget products (by which I mean those under £100) is that they are made on a low budget – something which is very obvious when you play one. Cheaply made guitars tend to be difficult for beginners to play. One of the mains reasons being the strings are a long way from the fretboard (described as a high action) or sometimes too low so they catch on the frets and don’t sound properly. Very often we find that the fret wire has been cut and finished poorly too. This means they scratch on the player’s fingers. Also, the sound is fairly uninspiring due to the low-grade wood used to meet the price point in the UK.

The Tanglewood has been designed totally different to these types of guitars. The manufacturer has taken the bold move to make what is effectively a £200 guitar. They created something that literally NO-ONE can refuse as it’s outstanding value for money.

Tanglewood TWCRO Crossroads Acoustic Guitar

Tanglewood TWCRO Crossroads Acoustic Guitar

The benefit to them is that they have a massive range of other guitars in their range. It’s reasonable to think that if you love your first Tanglewood (and you will), your next purchase will be one of their higher models.


Key features of the Tanglewood Crossroads £99 model


Whiskey Burst Finish & Orchestra sized Body

It’s available in one version which is a satin whiskey burst finish with an “orchestra” sized body. This body size is similar to a folk sized guitar which is currently the most popular size we sell.


Warm, rich sound and good quality strings

The sound it produces is really warm and rich which is vastly superior to any of its peers. They come loaded with good quality D’Addario strings plus it’s really well set up straight out of the box. As a retailer, we have complete confidence that you can buy a Crossroads, take it home and just start playing. Everything about the guitar is quality. This ranges from the woods used in all the parts, the finish, the construction, the action of the guitar. Basically, everything is well made and well set up as a starter guitar should be. It sounds great and is easy to play and will reward you every time you play it.

It’s a £99 guitar, but its made like no other £99 guitar we have ever seen. It won’t be your last guitar but should be your first. Come in and try one, especially if you are looking to start playing guitar but not sure what to buy. You don’t have to buy blind and hope for the best. We have a fantastic team at Derosa Music to help you make the best decision for you.



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