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Thirst Youth Cafe Thirst Youth Café

Bishop’s Stortford Youth project is an independent Charity (1154678) that has been established for Young People of Bishop’s Stortford and the surrounding areas. The charity operates and trades under the name ‘Thirst Youth Café.’ Thirst Youth Café committed to serving Bishop’s Stortford and the young people who live, go to school or socialise in this town and it’s surrounding areas.  They love this town and are working closely with several local supporters in order to make this a better place to live for everyone.

“To engage, promote and develop the young people and the youth culture of Bishop’s Stortford.”

“We want to be a safe place, where all people are honoured, where creative expression is encouraged and where young people are inspired to positive change.”

Youth Thirst Café aims to:

  • Serve the young people in Bishop’s Stortford better than we already are
  • Enable young people to reach their full potential; personally, socially & spiritually
  • Lower crime rates & change perceptions about linking crime to young people
  • Be holistic in their outreach and help to mentor and train young men and women, teaching them good values, morals and life skills.
  • Offer educational support and one-to-one coaching in primary and secondary schools as a first step of intervention for those students who need a bit more help or support. The long-term goal is to offer those who struggle with mainstream education an alternative schooling option.

Visit to find out more about Thirst Youth Café and how you can get involved.

Dust project The Dust Project

The Dust Project helps the forgotten children of the world. Through funding construction and education projects the charity is transforming communities and giving hope to children and young people worldwide.

Our unique model of twinning sponsored children with buildings ensures sustainability into the future.

The Dust Project was founded by three friends with a desire to see lives changed and a passion to make a difference in the world. As parents, the trio felt particularly moved by the tough existence of so many young, innocent, children around the globe.

After enjoying success in the corporate sector, Fraser, Roy and Sarah decided to channel their energies into the charitable world, focussing on what they know best – construction. Why? Breathe life into a building and it will become the hub of a community, providing crucial opportunities such as schooling, vocational training and shelter. Generation after generation of children can be transformed by the possibilities created within four walls. What does this mean? In one word: sustainability.

And for the short version: The Dust Project fundraises for international charitable partners, supporting work in building orphanages, schools, community centres, wells and more.

Visit to find out more about The Dust Project and how you can get involved.

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