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Rental Terms & Conditions

What we will ask of you

It is the hirer’s responsibility to insure the instrument against loss or damage while at home or off their premises during the rental period

Instrument Care

A rental instrument can usually be added to your household contents insurance policy, but please check with your insurer.

Any loss or damage to the instrument will be charged to you. In the event of total loss, the replacement fee will be the full retail cost of either an identical instrument or a like-for-like replacement by the same manufacturer (or as close as we can achieve).

During the rental

During the rental period the instrument remains the property of De Rosa Music Ltd. You cannot sell the instrument or re-rent it to another party. The person on the rental agreement (or their estate) remain liable for the cost of the instrument during the rental period.

If there are any changes to credit/debit card information (card numbers, expiry dates etc), please let us know as soon as possible so we can continue taking the monthly balance.
Continual/ongoing payment problems may lead to us asking for the instrument to be returned to us immediately (at your expense). Any outstanding rental fees accrued would still be due under these circumstances.

Monthly rental fees

We debit the card details presented at the time the rental agreement is set up, we then collect fees on a monthly basis via Direct Debit. The Direct Debit is taken 1 calendar month after the initial payment – or as close to 1 month as practically possible. Occasionally there are times when a payment may be taken 1 – 2 working days before or after the monthly anniversary. Examples of this would be where the monthly anniversary falls on a Sunday or public holiday and in the month of February e.g an anniversary date of the 30th of each month would be taken on the 28th of February (or the 29th in a leap year).

Routine maintenance and repairs

When rental instruments require repairs, you can bring them into the shop, and we can give them to our engineer who provides a quote before work starts. Turn around time for repairs is approximately 1 week.

If , during the rental period, the instrument has stopped working due to wear & tear, the repair will be free of charge to the hirer, however there will be a charge for instrument mishandling.

Examples of mishandling include:

  • Neglect of basic cleaning (Use of pull-throughs, pad savers, silver cloths, valve oil etc)
  • User damage (e.g. dropping/sitting on the instrument or improper assembly/disassembly)

In such cases repairs will be charged to your card after notification. We try to loan you an alternative instrument from stock should the rental instrument require maintenance, but we are not obliged to and/or may not be able to do so. Any loan instrument is dependent on stock availability at the time. For this reason we recommend an organised schedule or servicing organised by you.

Instrument maintenance kits

We sell cleaning kits for brass and woodwind instruments as well as individual items. Please ask staff for details.

Any routine maintenance of the rental instrument is included in your monthly rental fees. For all Brass and Woodwind instruments, we recommend at least an annual check-over by our engineer (at our cost).
This is the minimum recommendation, it also allows the engineer to correct small problems to allow you to enjoy a fully functioning instrument.

Repairs charged to the hirer

Exceptions where the hirer will be expected to contribute to an engineers fee are where careless use, mishandling or accidental damage have occured.
Damage and probable causes are assessed by an independent engineer.

About the rental agreement

The rental agreement is a hire agreement regulated by the Consumer Credit Act.

To hire an instrument we require a form of Photo ID with a name & address and a current debit card.  At the point of setup we will take a mail order transaction to link your address to your debit card. Once payment is taken Our terms and conditions will be sent via email. At this point you enter into our agreement and accept our terms and conditions.


Rebate scheme

There is no maximum or minimum rental period, however the qualifying 50% rebate period is capped at 12 months, regardless of how long you choose to rent the instrument from us beyond. Shorter rental period are calculated pro-rata.

On returning the instrument, there is no cash back or other payment made equivalent to the amount that has accrued. You may use any rebate amount that has built up against a new instrument purchase from De Rosa Music. You may also rent one type of instrument and buy another, e.g. rent a flute but buy a saxophone using the rebate from your flute rental.

Using your rebate to buy an instrument

The rebate must be used to make an instrument purchase within 7 calendar days of the instrument being returned to us otherwise it becomes invalid.

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