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Acoustic guitars differ from Nylon Strung ( Classical Guitars ) in that they use steel strings. Acoustics can come in various shapes and sizes. Our most popular guitar shapes are; Dreadnought, Folk, Jumbo, Mini Jumbo and Parlour size Guitars. Our guitars are perfect whether you are a beginner or a more advanced player. Prices start from £55 to in excess of £1000.

We have written a guide to buying an acoustic guitar here. There are many benefits to Learning to Play a musical instrument read here. Have a look at our best sellers here

Our prices are competitive and our staff are fully trained and on hand to offer expert advice. In addition you can visit our wonderful showroom in the heart of Bishops Stortford to have a personal demonstration of the very latest Guitars on the market.

Did you know we offer guitar lessons from just £12!

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