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Used Ibanez AS93VLS Hollow Body

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The Ibanez AS93VLS is a semi-hollow electric guitar model produced by Ibanez, a renowned Japanese guitar manufacturer. It's part of their Artcore series, which is known for offering high-quality semi-hollow and hollow-body guitars at relatively affordable prices.

The AS93VLS features a classic double-cutaway design with a semi-hollow body construction. It's made with a maple top, back, and sides, providing a warm and resonant tone. The "VLS" in the model name likely stands for "Violin Sunburst," indicating the finish of the guitar.

Some key features of the AS93VLS include:

  1. Set-in neck construction: The neck is set into the body rather than bolted on, which enhances sustain and resonance.
  2. Comfortable neck profile: It typically comes with a slim and playable neck profile, making it suitable for various playing styles.
  3. Dual humbucking pickups: These pickups offer a versatile range of tones, from warm and smooth to bright and punchy.
  4. ART-1 bridge and Quik Change III tailpiece: These hardware components contribute to tuning stability and smooth string changes.

Overall, the Ibanez AS93VLS is a popular choice among guitarists looking for a versatile semi-hollow electric guitar with a classic aesthetic and modern features.

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