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Odyssey Premiere 'Eb' (high F# to low A) Baritone Saxophone Outfit

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The  Baritone Saxophone  is a member of the  saxophone  family of instruments, larger (and lower-pitched) than the tenor  saxophone, but smaller (and higher-pitched) than the bass. It is the lowest-pitched  saxophone  in common use - the bass, contrabass and subcontrabass  saxophones  are relatively uncommon. 

It is a transposing instrument in the  key of Eb, pitched an octave plus a major sixth lower than written. It is one octave lower than the alto saxophone. 

Because the Baritone is one of the lowest pitched Saxophones in the woodwind family, it creates a beautiful smooth sound, with a wonderful deep tone - and it is this that sets the Baritone Saxophone apart. 

The tenor and the alto are the two most commonly used saxophones. The tenor is pitched in the  key of Bb  (while the alto is pitched in the key of Eb), and written as a transposing instrument in the treble clef, sounding an octave and a major second lower than the written pitch. 

All models in the Odyssey range of high quality brass band and orchestral instruments have been meticulously designed down to the finest details by Peter Pollard. It’s hardly surprising that, with over 50 years experience and having listened to the ‘wants’ of countless high profile musicians, this master craftsman is one of the most sought after custom brass and woodwind builders in the world.   

At Odyssey, we recognise the significant contribution that an instrument makes to the willingness of a student to persevere, practice, pursue the process of learning to control and master the instrument, enjoy making music and progress  With this in mind all of our Saxophone family have been tested in France, at BG, and fitted with the best BG Ligatures possible for each instrument.  

With a luscious polished brass lacquered body, offset with clear lacquered parts, the aesthetics of the 'Eb' Baritone Saxophone from the Odyssey Premiere Series speak for themselves.  

A real eye catcher without doubt, but it’s also the performance to cost ratio that make this beautiful Baritone Sax a winner. Players from students to seriously professional musicians have commented on the excellent response, it has been designed to provide comfort and security when performing in the high register, while maintaining a beautiful warm sound in any range. With superb intonation . As with all Odyssey instruments only the highest quality materials are  chosen in the construction. 

Strong & Durable Body 
This instrument has been designed with affordability, durability and comfort in mind. The  body is fully braced  for strength helping it stand up to the demands of regular play and transport to and from lessons. The  adjustable thumb rest, bell joint, neck and stack adjusting screws can be used to make the set-up more comfortable. The saxophone's brass body is finished with a protective lacquer. 
Smooth Response & Tone 
Blue steel springs provide a  robust and durable  action and give a brightness and snap to the instrument's sound whilst domed reflectors aid projection. This Sax has a light, free blowing response that will reward new players with excellent intonation and a stability and evenness throughout the registers. Precision drawn tone holes allow maximum air passage through the instrument.  These features make it easy for students to start seeing results fast.  

As a company producing some of the world’s finest brasswind instruments, Odyssey recognise the fact that protection whilst travelling with a delicate instrument is paramount. To ensure players can maintain a high standard with this instrument, Odyssey has included gloves, cleaning cloth, cork grease and neck sling. A plush lined, hardshell flight case with wheels takes all the worry out of commuting with such a delicate instrument.


  • Eb with high F# to low A
  • Clear lacquer finish
  • Brass body, bell & neck
  • Mouthpiece and cap
  • BG – L12SR Super Revelation Ligature
  • Angled Crook
  • Quality Italian pads & springs
  • Hard shell flight case inc wheels, plush lined
  • Accessories: Gloves, cleaning cloth, cork grease, neck sling

Taking proper care of your instrument will also help you produce the best sound quality possible, we recommend Odyssey and Ultra-Pure brand accessories.

Odyssey Brasswind is designed and created by UK Master Craftsman Peter Pollard and the UK Odyssey design team.

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