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Yamaha SB7J Silent Brass System Trumpet

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YAMAHA SB7J Silent Brass System for Trumpet & Cornet

 Pickup Mute™ Model - PM7X (for Trumpet, Cornet)

Dimensions (Diameter x Length) - 82 x 139mm (3-1/4" x 5-1/2") Weight - 70g (2.5 oz.)

Internal Microphone - Electric condenser microphone Pickup Output Jack - Mini phone jack Nominal Level - -25dB?-35dB 

Dimensions (W x D x H) - 70.2 x 30 x 121.3mm Weight - 112g (4.0 oz) without batteries

Jacks and Terminals - MUTE IN, AUX IN, PHONES (Earphones with mic. Available), USB (micro USB type-B) Control - VOL. (main/mic), Reverb type, Reverb depth, Sound (Player/Audience) Power ON/OFF Brass Resonance Modeling™ - Ver.2,0 (It behaves correctly only when compatible Pickup Mute™ is connected to Personal Studio™.)

Power Supply - AA alkaline or nickel-metal hydride batteries x 2 (3V DC). AA batteries are not supplied.

Included Accessories - Cable, Stereo Earphones with mic, USB cable (micro USB type-B to USB type A), Owner’s Manual

Please Note: Push the mute deeper in the bell following the instructions of the manual. When inserting and removing the instrument with mute to/from the case, put in/out the instrument keeping the instrument parallel to the shape of the case. Please Note In some cases, the Pickup Mute™ may not fit instruments that have significantly different bell diameters and/or shapes. Please check before purchasing. T

he Pickup Mute™ is not compatible with Marching Mellophones, Marching French Horns, Alto (Tenor) Horns, or Baritones. The SILENT Brass™ mute for Trombone (SB5J) and the Pickup Mute™ (PM5X-2) are not compatible with Alto Trombones. The SILENT Brass™ mutes for Flugelhorn (SB6J) and the Pickup Mute (PM6X) protrudes 3-4 cm from the bell.  Always remove the Pickup Mute™ from the instrument if the instrument is to be stored for an extended period of time.

Do not connect the PHONE jack to a microphone input jack (or combined mic/line input) on a computer, etc., that also supplies power to the connected device (plug-in power).

Please note that Brass Resonance Modeling™ is only available when the STJ Personal Studio™ is combined with a PM3X/5X-2/6X/7X Pickup Mute™. It is not available with any other Personal Studio™ or Pickup Mute™ models. 

Please purchase separately. SILENT Brass™, Personal Studio™, Pickup Mute™, Brass Resonance Modeling™, and SILENT Brass™ logo are all trademarks owned by the Yamaha Corporation.

The SILENT Brass mute (SJ7J) and the Pickup Mute (PM7J) are not compatible with YTR-6610S, YTR-9610, YTR-9710, YCR-8620(S)

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