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Trevor James 958 Copper Body C Flute.

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Professional players who already have a precious metal flute and desire a high quality back-up instrument. The step-up flute player or amateur who wants a gold looking flute and who may be working on a tight budget. This lighter flute is also idea for those who may find the standard silver flute heavy.

Material : Copper tube headjoint, body and footjoint

Headjoint : Copper tube with 958 silver TJ ‘Voce’ cut lip and riser

Mechanism : New designed silver-plated mechanism

Keywork : B foot with E mechanism as standard.

Weight : 420g (1.08kg in case) - at least 15% lighter than a usual B foot flute

Case : Cherrywood case with purple lining

Case cover : TJ fleecy lined black canvas with shoulder strap

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