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Trevor James 10XE-P Flute Outfit - Curved & Straight Heads. CS 925 Silver Lip Plate and Riser

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What makes a TJ10XE-P ‘The Best Student Flute’:


A Game-Changing, Silver-Plated Headjoint:

The 10XE-P flute has an exclusively designed lip plate which rises slightly toward the centre. This gives the new, or returning player, the benefit of having an immediate and free blowing sound, especially in the lower octave.
The lower notes are notoriously hard for the new player as it involves most if not all keys being depressed, so the air stream is at times, is right down at the bottom end of the flute. This ‘Shaped’ lip, - unique to the TJ 10XE-P - opens up the lower register and gives a huge advantage over other student flutes because it’s not only easier to play in general, but it’s actually easier to get a great tone too.

The headjoint is most important part of the flute as it’s where the sound originates. So a nice, shiny new instrument with a sub-standard headjoint will have substandard playability, and this is ever more true when the player is new to the instrument.
This is why we at Trevor James have worked continuously to create the very best headjoint for our flutes, and in particular those that aid students in getting the very
best start.

You can be confident that you will not find a better sounding, or easier playing student flute.


French-style pointed key arm mechanism: 10XE-P flutes feature French-style pointed key arms. The key-arms are the parts of a flute which connect the keys to the body of the flute. Traditionally reserved for much more expensive flutes, French-style pointed key arms feature an arm that extends to the centre of the key and helps to strengthen the mechanism, making for a stronger and tighter key placement, which means no leaks and squeaks. These key arms also result in excellent note intonation; reward speedy playing; and aid the development of faster techniques - so you’ll be well-placed to take on those more challenging pieces.



Professional Pads for a guaranteed consistency of performance:

Your new 10XE-P Flute benefits from the same high-quality Italian ‘Pisoni’ pads that are usually the preserve of much more exclusive and expensive flutes.
Using such high-end pads, and ensuring they are seated correctly in the key ‘cups’, guarantees that sound production is more immediate when each key is depressed. If there is an air leak or gap between the pad and the tone hole, the note will not sound correctly, and all your effort will have been in vain.
Plus, ‘Pisoni’ pads have a significantly longer life span than the inferior pads often found on student instruments, which translates into a better, more reliable tone for a much longer period.


A Resonant Core of Tonal Quality: 

Trevor James Flutes use Japanese tubing which is known for both its structural integrity and resonant quality. Generally, only used by the premium, professional Japanese flute brands (because of its much higher cost), this tubing forms the very core of each TJ flute, and along with the headjoint, explains why the 10XE-P flute is regarded as the best sounding student flute available. 


Silver-plated beauty, that will last:

You can be safe in the knowledge that each unlike other student flutes, the 10XE-P has a triple plated finish on its tubing. 

Needing to ensure that the de-plating often associated with lower-cost flutes was never an issue, we developed our own method coating 10XE-P flutes. After much research we discovered that by copper-plating the nickel tubing first, the subsequent two (yes two!) layers of silver-plate are rock solid, giving you the most durable finish of any student flute. 


Setup and Checked. Ready for you to play straight out the case.

Imagine getting to your first lesson with your new flute only to be told by your teacher that the instrument is has poorly seated pads, or an air leak or keywork that needs adjusting. That is not going to help you learn and will require a possibly costly and time-consuming trip to a specialist store to be fixed.
We believe it’s essential that each and every TJ flute - especially the 10XE-P student flute - goes through our exhaustive and unique UK technical quality control procedure. Each flute is set-up by one of our team of UK based flute specialist technicians at our headquarters in Lenham, Kent.
So, when you turn up to your first, second, tenth and fiftieth lesson, your flute will be good to go. 


We do not make instruments for anyone else.

It’s very common in the manufacturing world, and especially so at the student-end of the market, for many different brands to be made by the same factories, using the same parts, but with a different label applied at the end.
But Trevor James flutes are very different. Our workshops in Taiwan make only TJ flutes and our components have been specially selected by us from all over the world – flute tubing from Japan, springs from France, screws from the USA, pads from Italy, and of course, finishing and final setups in England.
So, you can be sure that your Trevor James 10XE-P flute has been designed, built and delivered with a global vision to create the best possible student instrument.


TJ10XE-P Flutes are 3 x Winners of the MIA's "UK's Best Woodwind Instrument" Award 


Quick Spec:

  • Curved & straight silver-plated headjoints included
  • '925' Silver Lip Plate and Riser
  • TJ Shaped Lip Plate and Riser
  • Triple-layer coating: Two layers of Silver-plating on Copper Coated body tube
  • Pointed Key Mechanism - The only student flute to feature this!
  • E Mechanism,
  • C Foot.
  • Drawn tone holes,
  • A+442 pitch,
  • Wooden case,
  • Fleece-lined case cover with shoulder strap


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